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4 Week Online Transformation Program

Transform Your Life Starting April 1, 2015

Jill WhalenJoin me and a group of your peers from around the world for the month of April in this new online 4-week program called “Optimize THIS!” During our time together you’ll start to see creative ways in which you can transform your life and your work from being boring, dull, difficult, worrisome, unhealthy, or lacking–to miraculously being the best it can be. By the end of the program you’ll be happier, healthier, and more in love with yourself, your business and with others than ever before.


Ready to Spring Clean your personal and professional world?   If like me, you’ve been hibernating this winter just waiting for Spring to come so you can clean out the metaphorical closets of your life, then this 4-week online program starting on April 1, 2015 is for you. Not only will we be scrubbing away the the clutter that has filled your mind, we’ll be gearing it up for peak performance! Each week we’ll “optimize” a different area of your life through a short video talk and hour long webinar call. During the calls and via a private Facebook Group you’ll be offered the chance to share your story and ask questions related to your own life with regards to the topic at hand. These discussions will in turn be a catalyst for you to see your situation in a new light, prompting significant transformation from deep within your soul.


Here’s what we’ll be optimizing each week:


Week 1: Optimize Your Day-to-day Reality

In this first week, we’ll discuss how your Mind’s default setting is towards happiness and calmness even though it may not look that way on the surface. We’ll cover the basic principles of life that are always working together to create your reality in any given moment. This understanding will help you feel like less of a victim of circumstances, and more in control of your future. We’ll discuss how fear and anxiety are constantly poking at us in the background, and how shining a light on them can make them scatter like cockroaches. When you learn that your thoughts are only one version of reality and not reality itself, it opens up a whole new world possibilities for how you live your life, and more importantly for how you feel. This new understanding will set the stage for the rest of the program, and be a constant theme throughout.

Week 2: Optimize Your Health – Nutrition, Fitness, The Mind Body Connection

During this week we’ll talk about how just like our Mind’s default setting is towards happiness–our body’s default setting is towards healthfulness. Whether you’ve got a chronic illness, want to lose weight, or want to look 10 years younger, you’ll learn how the Mind-Body connection is key.  While you may have tried and failed in the past to stick with eating healthfully and/or exercising on a regular basis, the new understanding  you’ll be learning, will make it feel effortless. We’ll also discuss practical issues such as which foods you should avoid and which you should eat more of, tips for healthy eating when dining out, as well as ways to become and stay fit with limited time on your hands.

Week 3: Optimize Your Job, Business and/or Website

This week we’ll discuss how your job, your boss or your business isn’t really what’s stressing you out, even though it may feel that way. Sounds crazy, right? And yet it’s not! You’ll learn where work related stress actually comes from, as well as how your job situation can seemingly change in an instant. We’ll also talk about practical business matters such as marketing yourself, your company and your website, having an authentic voice, finding the perfect job and/or clients. In addition, we’ll discuss how it’s possible to detach our need to make money from our ability to serve others.

Week 4: Optimize Your Relationships

This week’s topic will be all about relationships. Whether it’s our parents, our significant others, our children or our friends, our history together makes it seem impossible to change those relationships. While we usually think that “if only the other person would change–our relationship would be great!” But what if they didn’t have to do or know anything special for it to change? What if you had the complete power and control to make the relationship everything you know it could be? We’ll discuss the little known secret to long-lasting relationships that takes only one (you) to implement. 
If you have a gut feeling that this is just what you’ve been looking for, but you’re not quite sure or have some questions, please fill out the contact form below and I’ll contact you for a quick (no obligation) chat.

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